About Me

Hi There,

My name is Daniel Zabath Malessy, and I’m a computer Geek.

daniel zabathJust because I said i’m a computer geek doesn’t mean I’m Anti-Social, Don’t treat it wrong. I like to hangout with friends and take beers!, I can sing even though my voice isn’t good. And I like to laugh… a lot!!.. ūüėÄ

My life Principle

Believe in God, believe in yourself because God will never disappoint or blame you, He is merciful and he is a good Father. Be a helpful people for other but never expect they will treat you good. One Life  Principle that I hold until now: The more you sow the more you reap, sow good things and you will reap it  hundred times.

Computer Skills
I Love programming especially web based one (PHP, AJAX, CSS, etc) my favorite Content Management System is ¬†Wordpress. I also love to code some desktop application programs. I have big interest in server management ¬†both windows or Linux, I also have enough knowledge in networking since I have class certification for CCNA. I crack some computer systems for hobby. I’m an underground penetration tester and love to find holes to be entered to.

Sport Skills
Some people says that computer geeks are lack of socialization, but an exceptional case happen to me. I’m a ¬†Football/Futsal Lover. I was also the 1st fast runner champion in my hometown. Yeah, just because i’m a computer geek doesn’t mean I can’t run and kick your ass the ball. ūüėõ

Musical Skills
I start to play guitar since high school and I love to play guitar especially for church services. I also  love to do home recording and mastering sound engineer application software like Adobe Audition.

My Job
Now I’m working as a Software helpdesk in an Australian company based in Bali. In my spare time I often ¬†create various kind of system for my personal clients (website, database system and desktop application).

I Think it’s enough for my “about-me” page for¬†this website. What about you?. don’t you want to share yours?, please feel free to follow my facebook page,¬† I also in to hangout if you are in Bali. Treat me coffee and I will treat you beers!. Cheers!.

Warm Regards,
Daniel Zabath Malessy